Blue Ridge MS boys basketball team defends home turf against Highlands

Blue Ridge Middle School boys basketball team took on Highlands at home on Wednesday and chalked up a win with a 27-22 final.

Blue Ridge Gustavo Morales Garcia under pressure against Highlands on Wednesday at home.

Blue Ridge Coach Eli Reece said the boys brought it together for spurts throughout the game and managed to take the win.

“We had a great first quarter on offense, but then kind of slacked off a little for the rest of the game,” said Reece. “Thankfully we still managed to play superior defense throughout. Our press worked well and it caused a lot of turnovers.”

Highlands Sam Stiwinter was a beast in the paint against Blue Ridge.

He added that Blue Ridge Owen Madden was key at half court picking off long passes and Levi Walters stepped up and snagged close to double digits in rebounds. Blue Ridge point guard Cameron Fowler didn’t put many points on the board, but Reece said he maintained composure and lead the Bobcats’ offense for the win.

“We have a team full of boys that are great listeners,” said Reece. “They want to be successful and they are willing to work very hard during practice to make sure they are successful. They are all great friends, which helps with everyone understanding their roles on the team. I think this is the biggest help so far with our success this year.”

Blue Ridge next plays Highlands on the road at 4 p.m. on Monday.

Highlands turned it up a notch in the second half, but not enough to take the win.

Blue Ridge Cameron Fowler drives to the hoop against Highlands.

Highlands Gavin Small focuses on draining the free throw.

Blue Ridge Owen Madden drives to the hoop against Highlands.

Highlands Lucas Ramos stays with Blue Ridge Cameron Fowler as he takes the ball inside.

From left are Highlands Harrison Gates, JD Head, and Blue Ridge Ethan Henson all with thoughts of snagging the rock when it drops.

Highlands Landon Green and Cameron Fowler go for a loose ball on Wednesday.

Blue Ridge Levi Walters dishes it out under pressure against Highlands.

Highlands Harrison Gates looking to block Blue Ridge Owen Madden on Wednesday.

Blue Ridge Ethan Henson brings the ball up the court against Highlands.

Highlands Landon Green scopes out his options against Blue Ridge.

Article and photos by Brian O’Shea
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